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With proven technology leadership tie-ups gained over a number of years, Carinae Consultants Pvt Limited enjoys the challenge of developing strategy, innovating new solutions and winning contracts from well-known organizations Our experience shows how we add substantial commercial value, define the technology roadmaps for organizations, overcome cross-cultural barriers and provide the necessary technical/strategic leadership on new commercial ventures.

An accomplished leader who actively engages influences and negotiates at all levels, Carinae Consultants Pvt Limited develops expert teams and naturally inspires people to greater things. Creative, innovation, integration, forward-thinking and highly motivated to delivering excellence in Green energy segments and achieving tangible results in challenging environmental issues. Strategic tie-ups with NGOs and Government Organisations Keep Carinae Consultants Pvt Ltd in good stead in its endeavour to be a leading Solution Provider.


To be the company that best understands and satisfies the need for a technology, its applications, service and results


To be the providers of solutions and services, which deliver long term commercial and social benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements. The solutions evolved should be economical, efficient, durable, flexible and allow the organisations to respond rapidly to both economy and environmental needs.

Carinae consultants Pvt Limited since its inception in 2002 has been vigorously addressing the customer requirement of end-to end solution under one stop shop concept for services.

Spearheaded by the visionary Mr Suku Nayar as the CMD and ably supported by Mr. Pradeep Kumar , a seasoned marketing Professional and Mr. Ratheesh, NRI as Directors Carinae has succeeded in creating a name as a reliable partner for innovating and integrating tomorrows solutions through strategic partnerships.

The ongoing 22 MW wind mill Project at Kanjikkode Kinfra Park in Palakkad initiated by M/s Inox Renewable Limited is a major milestone in Carinaes' endeavour as a solution provider for the power shortage in the state of Kerala.

The strategic tie-up with W2E USA to bring in gasification technology for generating power from the Municipal Solid Waste is a major step towards waste management.

Carinae consultants Pvt Limited is a leader in providing consultancy and liasoning services to our valued clients. With our vast knowledge of the working and liasoning with various governmental agencies in this State. We are poised to effectively support your projects anywhere in Kerala. We endeavour to provide exceptional quality in our services, innovative management and professional integrity. We can provide various modules under project consultancy. We consider client satisfaction as our prime objective for providing project consultancy services from conception to execution.

Weather alteration is undeniably, one of natural world's greatest struggles. Nevertheless, the reality is that our planet is not in danger; the danger is for the life that dwells on it. Already, hundreds of species have been affected and there are many more effects that are occurring right now. For example, in addition to record high temperatures, there will be an increase in the occurrence and intensity of storms, increase in the period of unusually hot weather, escalation in the incidence of Floods and long phases of extremely dry weather. It will also result in increasing level of the ocean's surface, degradation of land, chemical changes in the ocean as a result of carbon dioxide emissions and melting of glaciers.

What are the reasons for this? Main reason is mankind itself. Our manufacturing of greenhouse gases has overwhelmed the environment since the emergence of the industrial revolution. There is now more CO2 in the atmosphere than ever before. Our planet has progressively warmed as a direct result of the greenhouse effect. The ten of the hottest years on record have all taken place since 1998. More explicitly, some of the many causes of this predicament include Transportation, Manufacturing / Construction, Agriculture, Deforestation, Power Plants Using natural fuels, oil spills and other environmental disasters.

What can be done? There are many ways in which to help solve the weather predicament. Some of things include Reprocessing / Reducing / Reusing, Composting, Using Alternative Energy, Becoming Energy Efficient, Using Public Transportation More Often and Planting Trees. As far as possible use Renewable energy which is energy that comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable (naturally replenished).

Carinae consultants Pvt Limited is already providing consultancy and liaison service in the field of Renewable energy in the form of wind energy for the Kerala government. Contract has been signed with its technology partners INOX WIND LIMITED based at Noida UP for the installation of 11 Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) of 2 megawatt power generation capacity at Kolencode in Palakkad district of Kerala.

Carinae consultants Pvt Limited is also included in a shortlist along with its technology partner W2E Ventures Inc. USA as consultant by the Kerala government for providing turnkey waste-to-energy system (W2E system). At the core of the W2E technology is a process known as gasification. It is a well-known technology for converting materials into a clean-burning synthesis gas, which is then combusted for power production, or further processed to produce hydrogen for transportation fuels, or ammonia for use in fuel cells or as fertilizer. The history of gasification process goes back many decades. There is significant experience with wood gasification at various system sizes, and with coal gasification, at relatively large applications. The W2E technology has incorporated the best elements of past gasification designs and performances to yield a very flexible and reliable waste-to-energy system.

At Carinae consultants Pvt Limited we provide essential consultancy services to both first time investors and property developers. Seeking professional advice on recent trends and development in the local as well as national level. Our network of associates and local brokers help us to gather knowledge and trends even in the remotest parts of Kerala ensuring your property investment is profitable and hassle free.

Our service includes sourcing land, legalizing the documents, liasoning work in project implementation which would include processing various building applications. We can also offer investors the ability to quickly sell units whether property or build up to secondary investors generating the disized return on investment.

Advertising is the promotion of a product or service and is extremely pervasive in contemporary society. It is a process of letting everyone know that you have something to offer. To maximize sales, companies will pay a premium for wide exposure through the various media. Advertising is a function which comes in the realm of management. It incorporates various specialized sub-functions like media strategy, message strategy, media planning, buying/leasing airtime or space. A good commercial is not necessarily one you will remember, its one that makes you spend. Advertising presents the most persuasive possible selling message to the right prospect for the product and service at the lowest possible cost.


Radio advertisements are far from being a new concept; infact radio advertising has been around for a long time. The potential that advertising on radio offers is huge and is mostly overlooked by business. Radio is non intrusive, you can listen while working, reading, cooking, shopping, driving etc. It is multi gadget friendly - cell phones, iPods, computers etc.

Advantages of radio advertisements are,

  1. Affordable : spot by spot radio tends to be one of the least expensive media.
  2. Speed : you can get your spot up and running in no time.
  3. Changes : quick and easy changes can be made to the jingles to highlight a new scheme or product.

Advertising on Television usually means running a TV commercial, typically between 15 to 60 seconds in length. But TV advertising can also include sponsorship and product placement within TV shows. We, atCarinae consultants Pvt Limited , can help you in producing commercials; decide the airtime to be used and also which channel to use based on your product, target customers and budget. Despite the internets steady rise in popularity television remains the dominant medium in most middle class Indian households. Advertising on television allows you to show and tell a wide audience your business, product or service. You can show how your product or service works and how it is packaged. Although comparatively expensive the effect a good TV ad creates in the mind of viewers is without compare.